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Friday Blog! Yay, I love Fridays!

Friday Blog! Yay, I love Fridays!

This blog is my way of letting you into my life a little. These days everyone says to go on social media and make videos, I just haven't embraced that yet, maybe it's my age, I don't know, so for now, this is how I'm going to "come out" if you will. I just want to prepare you for organic not fancy and sometimes it may be short and sweet. 

Every Friday night I and my husband have "date night" which is partly why I love Friday's. Sometimes it is just a simple dinner and a glass of wine or 2 or 3 :) Actually, usually it's it just dinner and wine, sometimes if we want to stay up past 9:00 we go to the movies. Whatever it is we choose it's the best, in my book. It's funny because all of our friends know, Friday is date night, they even call and say, "we know it's date night but what are you guys doing and where are you going?" Sometimes they want to come with...we are ok with the company, just not every Friday, that's ours :)

Happy Friday!

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