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Sundays are meant for family. 

More than likely you will not see a blog from me written on a Sunday. With this busy and blessed life, I've decided to try and keep Sundays sacred with church and Sunday dinners with family and just relaxing. I'm sure you understand. It's nice to have at least one day a week to unwind. Yesterday I took my mom to a Portuguese Festa, she's 90 years old, we are a Portuguese family. One of my sons is in a Portuguese marching band, so they march at Festas, which is a Portuguese celebration. This is a celebration of the Holy Spirit. These Festas have been going on for over 700 years, they started when the Queen of Portugal would go out and feed the poor, this tradition has never died...when you go to a Festa the food is free to everyone, we eat Sopas (meat stew) and drink beer, it's a wonderful combination and it is delicious!

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