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V-Blissful Soothing Solution | Natural Yeast Infection Remedy


 We take great pride in using the purest and the most natural ingredients!

 V-Blissful Soothing Solution eases those terrible irritations, whether it is caused by yeast infections, reactions to medications, too much moisture, bacterial vaginosis, detergents and so on...You deserve to start living a "blissful" life and we are genuinely interested in helping you achieve this.

Directions for use:

 SHAKE WELL...saturate a cotton ball or square and hold on the affected area until you start to feel some relief, do this as often as you like. Some users find it to be very soothing when applied to a panty liner. (always consult a physician before use)


 White Distilled Vinegar, Pure Coconut Oil, Lavendula, Melaleuca

 30 day Money Back Guarantee (just return unused portion)

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