• What is the V-Blissful soothing solution used for?
    The soothing solution was developed to ease vaginal irritation caused by yeast infections or any type of vaginal irritation females encounter, as in bacterial vaginosis,  it even helps with odors. It is very soothing to use after sex. Some users report it helps with vaginal dryness.
  • What are the ingredients in V-Blissful soothing solution?
    It is made up of all natural ingredients. One of the main ingredients is fractionated coconut oil and it contains lavendula and melaleuca essential oils and vinegar solution.
  • Any useful tips on how to use V-Blissful soothing solution?
    You can saturate a cotton ball and hold it on the vaginal area. Saturate a tampon and insert for 15-30 minutes. Squirt a little on a panty liner or you can also squirt some on the toilet paper and wipe with it.
  • Does the V-Blissful soothing solution sting or burn?
    If your vaginal area is really raw and irritated you may feel a little tingling or a slight burn but with continued use that should go away. * Always consult a physician before use and if any adverse reaction see a doctor.*
  • What is the V-Blissful suppository made of?
    Medical grade boric acid, gel capsule
  • What does the V-Blissful suppository do?
    It is very helpful in balancing the vaginal pH level, which in return helps with vaginal dryness and irritations. It is very helpful in clearing up yeast infections. *Always consult a physician before use*