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Ease Terrible Irritations.
Combat Odor.
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Meet The Ground-Breaking
Doctor Recommended
Natural Solution

Itching. Irritations. Odor. Dryness.

It doesn’t matter if it’s caused by yeast infections, reactions to medications, too much moisture, bacterial vaginosis or detergents. Regardless of the reason, V-Blissful is here to help.

You'll also get a FREE lip balm and copy of my E-book!

🍃 All Natural
🩺 Doctor Recommended
💳30 Day Money Back Guarantee

"Noticed a difference within minutes, I get out of balance around my period and thanks to this stuff I am more comfortable"
- Alayna W

The Story of V-Blissful

Like a mad scientist...

...I found myself mixing ingredients to achieve SOME sort of relief. I needed a solution that actually worked, fast.
The desperation was at an all-time high.

Every-Single-Day it was the same old song and dance: extreme discomfort from yeast infections and chronic vaginal irritation.

For lack of a better phrase: I was miserable. If you’ve experienced this before know the feeling I’m talking about. 

I wasted more money than I’d like to admit trying different solutions...

...only to have them not deliver.

Why was it so impossible to find a natural remedy that worked?

The ball was in my court. I knew that if I wanted to overcome this problem, I had to figure it out myself and create my own natural solution.

It wasn't easy...
 The failures stacked up like Jenga blocks...

My hope of creating a solution was quickly falling apart. I was on the brink of giving up.

Then one day - it finally happened.

It clicked.


It was a “pinch myself, I have to be dreaming!” type moment.

The natural blend of ingredients finally had the desired effect, and like magic, the problems I was struggling with for so long faded away.

I was free.

Stacy Avilla - Founder of Your Blissful

Hi, I’m Stacy, the Founder of Your Blissful.

This was my story, and how the exclusive V-Blissful Solution was born.
My driving force is giving women the quality of life they deserve, naturally.
Ready to try it for yourself and see what the buzz is about? It’s backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. The risk is on me.

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Kiss dryness goodbye. Boost comfort.

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🌎 All-natural ingredients

30 Day Money Back 
"Risk Free" Guarantee

If you try V-Blissful and don't get any results, you can get a FULL refund within 30 days of your purchase. Just send us back your unused portion!



"Started using to help balance my PH and it only took about a day of using the product to notice a big difference. Use it daily now" - Taischa S.


"This is a fantastic product! This is a delicate topic and not something us ladies discuss too often, because well, it's a bit private. I haven't had issues before, but lately I had been experiencing discomfort amongst other things since starting an exercise regimen where I am wearing yoga pants/leggings daily, changing my diet, ph imbalance from a round of antibiotics, and hormonal fluctuation due to my cycle, basically a mess waiting to explode. My skin is VERY sensitive and temperamental, so I needed something to accommodate my skin, that wouldn't irritate it more. I tried V-Blissful Soothing Solution as a recommendation from a trusted friend. On day 1, I applied it in the morning and before bed. By day 2 my symptoms disappeared and I was "fresh as a daisy". This is a lifesaver!" - Laura


"First off im a male who got a external yeast infection on my genitals.. My dr.said use monastat. Id much rather take a holistic approach to the problem. At first it didnt seem to do anything and i forgot to shake up the im on day six and this product dose what it almost cured i love the smell and it sothes and stops the itch.. I would recomend. Purchasing this to anyone suffering a yeast infection male of female.. Great product i will buy more this co thank you blissfull!!" - Raymond


"Very soothing product. Great for older women with post-coital irritation. I highly recommend this product.". This is a lifesaver!" - Teresa C


"Nice clean smell and very soothing. A great comfort for sensitive areas. Makes me feel clean, healthy and proactive in my personal care." - Tamra H.


"Nice clean smell and very soothing. A great comfort for sensitive areas. Makes me feel clean, healthy and proactive in my personal care." - Tamra H.

Usage Instructions

1. Shake well!
2. Saturate a cotton ball or square.
3. Hold on the affected area until you start to feel some relief.
4. Repeat as needed. 


White Distilled Vinegar, Pure Coconut Oil, Lavendula, Melaleuca 


Here's the deal: You'll get a bottle of our soothing solution that can kick itching, irritation, dryness, and discomfort to the curb.

It doesn’t matter if it’s caused by yeast infections, reactions to medications, too much moisture, bacterial vaginosis or detergents. V-Blissful is the all-natural solution women are looking for.

Plus, you'll get a FREE copy of my e-book, "Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside", and a FREE lip balm!

V-Blissful has several testimonials, and even a doctor's recommendation. There is ZERO risk with our 30 day guarantee. Send us back the unused portion, and you'll get a refund. It's that simple!

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